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Oswestry Photographic Society Constitution


 The name of the Society shall be “Oswestry Photographic Society” hereafter referred to as the Society.



 The objectives of the Society shall be to encourage and promote interest in all aspects of photography; provide a forum for all those interested in photography; organise a programme of events for members; undertake such activities as will enhance and develop the appreciation of photographic imaging.



 Society membership is open to any person over 18.

  • Membership is renewable annually by payment of the relevant subscription. Members wishing to renew their membership at the start of a new season should notify Treasurer via email or in person. Payment for the new season is to be received within 4 weeks, of the start of the new season. This can be done in person or via BAC transfer. Membership will deem to have lapsed after this time.

  • New members joining after the start of the season will have their subscriptions reduced on a pro-rata basis.

  • It is a condition of membership that members agree to abide by the Society’s constitution.

  • The Committee may suspend or demand the resignation of a member who does not abide by the Society rules or whose actions, in the opinion of the Committee, damage the Society’s reputation.



 The Society meetings shall normally be held on a Wednesday from September to May.

  • Summer meetings may be arranged at an outside venue from May to September on Wednesday evenings or other days if required. (i.e. a Summer Programme may take place if sufficient member interest exists.)



 Adults: £60.00 per year to be paid at the start of the season. Anyone wishing to join after the 30th of September to be charged a pro-rata subscription fee of £6.50 per full month of the remaining season.

  • Students: £30.00 per year, subject to proof of status i.e. valid student card.

  • Guests/ Visitors: To be charged an admission fee of £3.00 per visit.



  • The Society is managed by a Committee that is responsible and accountable for all activities undertaken on behalf of the Society and its affairs.

  • The Committee is elected by the membership and comprises the four officers (that is the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary), no less than two other committee members, the identities and functions of which may from time to time be decided by the Committee. All members of the Committee have a vote when a vote is required.

  • Officers and committee members are elected by a simple majority at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

  • Any member of the Committee may be removed from their post by a simple majority vote of the members at an AGM, following a seconded proposal stating the grounds for removal.

  • The Committee will meet at least four times a year to discuss actions, monitor progress to date, and consider future developments.

  • All meetings will be minuted and the agreed minutes of the meetings, excluding any confidential matters, will be made available on the members’ area of the Society’s website within four weeks of the subsequent Committee at which they are approved.

  • Voting will be by show of hands, or exceptionally by secret ballot at the discretion of the Chair, on a simple majority with the Chair, or designated deputy in the absence of the Chair, holding a casting vote in addition to their personal vote.

  • The Chair or a designated deputy in the absence of the Chair will chair all meetings.

  • The quorum at a Committee meeting will be 4 members.


Mid-Term Committee Changes:

  • In the event of the loss of the Chair in mid-term through whatever cause, the Vice-Chair will assume the position of Chair, to serve until the next relevant election.

  • In the event of the loss of any other member(s) of the Committee, the remaining members may co-opt a replacement from within their number or the Society members until the next AGM, to serve until the next relevant election.



  • The Committee may co-opt its number to draw on necessary expertise or skills. A co-opted member may vote but only on an issue specific to their particular role and responsibilities.



  • The Society may elect a President either from amongst its own members or from outside by a seconded proposal to the Committee, which if approved by the Committee, will be put to the membership at the following AGM or especially convened EGM. Such appointments carry no membership fee requirement and will not confer a seat on the Committee.



  • An AGM will be held by the Society each year during the month of May.

  • Any paid-up members may propose items for inclusion in the AGM’s Agenda, together with seconded nominations for the Committee and post-holders these must be submitted to the Secretary not later than 21 days before the advertised date of the AGM.

  • The Agenda and the minutes of the previous AGM will be made available to all members no later than 14 days prior to the AGM.

  • The business shall include:

    • Minutes of the previous AGM

    • Annual Report of the Committee and officers

    • A statement of accounts & balance sheet

    • Election of Officers

  • The annual accounts for the year ending 31st March immediately prior to the AGM will also be made available to members not later than 14 days prior to the AGM.

  • The members will nominate a Society member to act with a member of the Committee other than the Treasurer to inspect the annual account in preparation for the AGM.

  • Voting will be by show of hands on a simple majority basis, except when there is more than one nomination for Society officers, posts, President or Vice President(s), in which case there will be a secret ballot. In the case of a tied vote, the Chair or the Chair’s designated deputy in the absence of the Chair will cast the final vote.

  • The quorum at an AGM will be 20% of the Society’s registered membership.

  • If the required number of members (including proxies) to form a quorum for an AGM is not present after 30 minutes from the scheduled start time of the AGM the Chairman shall close the meeting and reconvene the meeting in no less than one week. Members shall be notified of the time and venue for the reconvened AGM. The reconvened AGM will be considered quorate, provided five or more paid-up members attend the meeting and at least one of these members is an elected Officer of the Society. Proxies from the original meeting may be carried forward, and new proxies added.



  • An EGM will be convened by the Secretary if requested in writing by at least five Society members, stating the purpose of such meeting, or may be convened by the Committee to undertake specific business.

  • The EGM must be convened within 28 days of a request, to consider the matter raised.

  • Members must be given not less than 14 days’ notice and the agenda for such a meeting.

  • The quorum at an EGM will be 20% of the registered membership.



  • Society funds and assets must be managed by the Committee through the Treasurer.

  • The funds of the Society shall be applied solely to the stated objectives.

  • Members of the Society shall not receive payment for their services, except for the reimbursement of legitimate expenses incurred in its work.

  • Bank accounts shall be opened in the name of the Society

  • Online banking may be carried out by the Treasurer on behalf of the Society.

  • The Society’s accounting year will run from 1st June to the 31st of May.

  • The Treasurer is accountable for ensuring funds are used only as directed by the Committee and the Society.

  • Official accounts will be maintained and will be examined annually by the Society member nominated at the AGM and another Committee member selected by the Committee.

  • The Society will maintain reasonable Public Liability Insurance Cover, as advised by the Treasurer and decided by the Committee annually.  



  • An inventory of all Society property shall be maintained, and copies held by both the Secretary and Treasurer.

  • Society property may only be used by members or other organisations outside of Society meetings with the express written consent of an officer of the Committee.



  • Any trophy won by a member in a Society competition shall be held for the period specified. However, if a member leaves the Society, they shall return the trophy to the Society.



  • Unless otherwise specifically requested by a Club member, the Club shall be permitted to use any images submitted to the Club by that member for showing at Club and interclub events, exhibitions of the Club’s work, on the Club’s social media or for advertising Club events. Such photographs will not be used by the Club for any other purposes or for commercial gain without the written permission of the Club member. Ownership and copyright of images submitted to the Club for competitions or other purposes will remain with the Club member.


  • The Committee will ensure that the Club complies with the Health and Safety requirements of any venues used by the Club.

  • Club activities are undertaken at members' and/or visitors' own risk, and members and visitors are required to exercise responsibility for their own health and safety.

  • The Club is not responsible for any loss or damage to the personal property of members and/or visitors.



  • If in the opinion of the majority of the committee, the Society has ceased to be viable then the Secretary, or another Officer authorised by the committee, shall call a Special General Meeting to discuss the dissolution of the Society. Where this is proposed, all paid-up members shall be given 7 days' written notice of the resolution. There shall be no requirement for a quorum.

  • If the proposal to dissolve the Society is agreed upon by a majority of those present and voting, the meeting shall then discuss the disposal of the assets of the Society. After the settlement of all just debts and expenses, the remaining assets of the Society may be:

    • donated to a charitable photographic organisation, or

    • donated to a cultural or charitable organisation in Oswestry, or

    • donated to a successor body.

  • The meeting shall elect a rump committee to oversee the dispersal of the assets. This committee shall include any members who are signatories to the Society’s bank accounts and other investments.



  • The Committee will review the Constitution annually and alterations or additions shall be presented by a duly made and seconded proposal at the AGM, or EGM convened for that purpose and approved by a simple majority of members present at such a meeting.

  • Any such agreed changes will be recorded in an amended Constitution within four weeks of the AGM and published to members

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