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When you join as a member of Oswestry Photographic Society You will receive an email from PhotoEntry.  This is generated automatically when you are added to the system. It will contain a link that will allow you to access the system.  Alternatively use this link here:


It also has a user ID which will normally be your email address, and a temporary password. You can copy and paste the temporary password.

Click on link and log in with your user ID and the temporary password. You must change it to something else to use in the future.   Once logged in, you can upload .jpg files of images for all Oswestry Photographic Society Competitions you wish to enter. 


To Enter Competitions


First click on the Competitions link for the current season, and PhotoEntry will then display all the competitions in that season.


The big blue button will allow you to see all your entries from current competitions, as well as your scores, if available.

If the status of the competition is open, then you can click on the competition name to submit or view your entries. Please note the close date, which is the last date on which entries may be submitted.

You can see the requirements of the competition, including file specifications under the comments section.

Click on Add New Entry you will be required to supply a title for your entry – this is the title that will be displayed in a DPI Competition, or matches the title you write on your print. You cannot leave it blank.


There is also a separate optional field for you to record any information about your entry – this remains private to you.
Then click Add This Entry to proceed to the next screen to upload your image.

On the next screen click Choose JPEG to browse your local computer for the image file, which should already have been formatted to the required spec and saved with a .jpg extension.


Once you have chosen a file, (the filename itself is completely irrelevant), you can then click the Upload Image button to complete the process. You should then see a screen showing the analysis of your image.


If your file meets the required specification then you will see the word OK (in green).

Note:  any text that appears in orange is a warning that your file did not exactly meet requirements; these images are nevertheless accepted. Some of the warning messages are explained below; you can always resubmit the file ahead of the deadline where required.

The symbols at the right side of the box allow you to edit the title, replace the file with another, or just delete the whole entry.
•    If you want to change the Title, click the pen icon.
•    To reload the image (maybe after re-editing it), click the recycle icon.
•    To delete the entire entry and start again - click the dustbin!

Once you have successfully uploaded all your images there is nothing more to do than to wait for competition day. You can always amend your submissions at any time until the competition close date. Whenever you revisit the site, you can review your entries for any competition that it still open, or see the results from past competitions.


Warning Messages 
Image too small – your image dimensions are not big enough to display correctly through our projector. The dimensions of your uploaded image are shown. You should replace the image with a larger version to meet the given image size specification.
Missing colour profile, assumed to be sRGB – very common, can be safely ignored. To avoid seeing this error, pick the sRGB colour space in your photo editing software where available.

Incorrect colour profile Adobe RGB (1998) – this is also quite common. The Adobe RGB colour space profile contains a wider range of colours than the sRGB profile we use. This means that some of the colours in your image will not display as you expect. Ideally you should convert your image to the sRGB colour space, if you know how, to ensure colour accuracy when your image is projected. The PhotoEntry system will, however, convert your image automatically; if you click on the thumbnail you can see what it looks like.
Image successfully resized from high resolution upload – this means you submitted an image that was larger than required, but the PhotoEntry system has resized it accordingly. 

Image resized from low resolution upload – this means your image was smaller than required. The system has resized it, but it may well have lost quality in the process. It is much better to upload the correct size image because scaling up a small image tends to result in a blurry, softer photo.

It is possible that an image you submit does not meet the necessary requirements. You will see an indication of this with a message in red. You will be told what is wrong and you will have to edit (or change) and re-submit your image accordingly.




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