Frequently asked questions

Where and when does Oswestry Photographic Society meet?

From September 2020 our new venue is: The Willow Gallery, Oswestry SY111AD We normally meet every second Wednesday at 7.30. Check out our events page for more information of our meetings.

What are the season dates?

The 2020/21 season starts Wednesday 16th September and regular meetings run up until 26th May 2021. In addition there are a number of optional meetings, social events and photoshoots throughout the summer.

How skilled do I need to be to join?

The society caters for all skill levels; from the beginners to the experienced and advanced. We believe everyone can learn something new or take inspiriation from each other in all of our meetings.

How much will it cost?

Membership is £25 per year. If you hold a valid student ID card this will be reduced to £20. Each meeting is £3 which includes tea/coffee and snacks.

Will I learn how to take good pictures?

The societys new programme of events offers an environment with the aims of promotion, encouragement and enjoyment of all branches of photography through meetings, tutorials, practicals and other activities that will help members improve their photography skills.

Can you give me photography advice?

Many of our members have decades of experience of photography as a hobby or sometimes a profession. Friendly informal advice is always available from those members during any of our meetings.

Should I bring my camera to the meetings?

No, in general you do not need to bring a camera to a regular meeting. However, we do have practical sessions where your camera may be required. We also have a range of photoshoots where your camera will be essential. Check the Events page to see a full program of meetings, photoshoots and practical sessions.

I'm not sure if I will fit in, can I come and see what its like before committing?

We would encourage all potential members to come along to any regular Wednesday meeting to “sample” the society. You can attend up to three meetings before having to make a decision to join and pay the membership fee. We ask for a small fee of £3 per evening for visitors and some of our premium events may have a higher fee.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information contact our Secretary, David Osselton by email:

The lonely cabin

By Joe Bloggs

by David Osselton

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The lonely cabin

By Joe Bloggs

by Diane Smith

Llanwddyn Island